I hadn’t slept properly the night before I was supposed to fly out. Almost walking with my eyes closed I found a seat in the train next to a chinese man that smelled of alcohol. Hello Asia, I am just about to leave. Children were running around my backpack and jumping over it. I fell asleep.
When I woke up, I saw that the train had already arrived, so i grabed my bag and shook my body to give it a small wake-up-call. Running to the next platform a bunch of thoughts crossed my mind, that made me walk and stare at people around me. When home becomes foreign and you start staring, you know, that it is time to leave. You know, that a different place is calling you. An old man bumped into me, mumbled something unnecessary and looked angrily at me. Goodbye Germany, i will send you some postcards.
Arriving at the airport i was breathing in deeply. The mixture of precipitance, excitement and sweat reminded me of other nights i had spend in these places of departure to new lifes and hopes. Sleepy chidren were crawled up on their parents laps and stewardess were running on highheels to catch their flight. I am wondering how these beautiful ladies will be able save us in case of an accident, when their dresses are too tight to even walk properly and their shoes are high enough to give them a hight of 1,80 m.

My first plane departed and I managed to fall sleep while a bollywood princess seduced her prince on the screen next to mine. Passengers seem to become a uniformed army, that is performing the same moves and listens to the voice in their speakers telling them their next task they need to fulfill.
My screen told me, that we just passed Baghdad. An old man took out a tissue, a small, round stone and a small book. After looking at our planes coordinates on the screen he turned the tissue and started mumbling. He lifted his arms and bowed down. He was praying. Good night, Allah.

After 30 hours of travelling I arrived in Singapore. Coming out of the MRT I smelled Asia. I took a moment to sit down and become aware of me arriving. I asked an old man for directions who offered to walk me half way to my hostel. Singapore was empty, just some cars crossed the junction and were beating the horn at each other. The malay man invited me to come home for dinner with him- at 11.30 pm. I refused and said my goodbyes. Arriving at the hostel, I fell into my bed and was more then ready to sleep. Two korean girls were giggling at their pink phones and another girl entered the room in leather boots and a short jeansskirt. A deep sleep took my smiling thoughts away.

Flying out from Singapore to Siem Reap, we almost missed the last call before the gate closed. A chubby singaporean securitylady grinned at the queue and joked us through the scanning. 10 Minutes till departure. Sitting in Jetstars cold leather seats I wished for a comfortable bed. And hot chocolate. Everything could be so easy.
The next thing I remember, is the captains announcement for our arrival in Siem Reap. I took a look out of the window and I saw, that the landscape had changed since the last time I flew into Cambodia. The colours were different and there seemed to be less trees then last time. But when we came closer, I realised, that it was not nature itself that had changed, but massive floodings that were covering it with brown water. We looked at each other. Let’s just pretend we have not seen it. Everything will be fine.
Siem Reaps airport is one small, almost traditional building, that could probaly not handle more than the passengers of one flight.
Filling out the visaforms we realized that we had forgot to bring any pens with us which made us the last people to queue up for payment and the visaapproval. Twelve officials were sitting in a row to check, stamp and copy each passport. The small Khmer men carefully adn sceptically gave the passports to each other and called our names to pick them up at the end of the row.
Nothing to declare. And there were Sarah, Den, Rachel, So and Sa to welcome us. We arrived.

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