On Tuesday we decided to go to school a bit earlier then normal again to prepare our lesson. This time we wanted to build mobilés with the children and we had to cut loads of plastic string in different colours, matching the painted stones that were laying out on the table already.

For us the task of making mobilés with the children had different aspects whithin the time planning the project: first it was of course something that they could make out of the sticks and stones that they had collected in their environment and that they had painted afterwards. It is supposed to offer a way of doing arts at a low price with things surrounding them in nature, that is always available even after we leave and finished the project. Our second idea about it dealt with the mobilé itself. Putting the sticks and stones in an order to balance the construction is a task that might give the children some time to focus on the things they collected and to even balance themselves in a way. We expected this to be a difficult task for them. But surprisingly they were able to build the mobilés themselves without any problems. It seemed like they had found their own balance and their own way of dealing with the task giving during the lesson. All the way through there was a silence of everyone being focussed, that was just interrupted by some requests to get more stones, sticks or the beads that we brought with us.

Each child found its own style of creating its own special mobilé. It rarely occured that three of them were doing the same thing. Each one in our group seemed to have escaped in her/his small world of colours and shapes that he/she had to put together.

When we hung up the mobilés in the Artgallery after class they were looking around proudly. When the trainee-teachers arrived after their lessons they had a sit on the benches and looked at what had been created during the afternoon. It was good to see how happy everybody was to recognise these colourful creations, that the children had made.
The mobilés were swinging quietly in the soft wind that announced the rain for the coming night. When we drove home in the Tuktuk, i could still see them moving in the wind. Maybe we should have weaved some small bells in them, i thought. It would have created a suttle song of something, that a group of children had built.

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